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I went through the same thing as the others on here. I ordered a camera and then got an e mail to call and confirm my order. They tell me that the one I ordered is an international version. So he talks me into ordering the US version for a lot more money and extra for a battery and a charger. I specifically ask him if it is a new camera and he tells me yes. So, I figure it is a good deal, although I find it odd that a new camera wouldn’t come with a battery. I receive the camera and discover it is a refurbished camera and lens. I cancelled the payment with my credit card after they wouldn’t answer my call. I finally get ahold of them and the guy on the phone yells at me and insists that it is a new camera. Not until I describe exactly what makes it refurbished (the two small dots engraved into both sides of the serial number) does he believe me. I the tell him that I just want to return the camera and he offers to exchange it for the right one or it will cost a restocking fee of 20%to return it. That’s $100!!! I refuse to pay for their mistake and he starts yelling at me. When I tell him that I already cancelled my payment he yells at me and tells me to let the credit card company deal with it then and hangs up on me! These people are scam artists!!


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By Ronald

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