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3 G Equity consists fo 3 con artist Greg Stuart ,Gary stuart and Geoger Theodor a SEC violator.These Boca Raton shysters Have Stolen a Miami Mans Invention.A Kinetic Capacitor which when hooked up to a building will lower the electric bill up to 25%. | The conspiracy started from day one when they were hired to raise $5 million Dollars with and agreement that they would receive 49% and there stock would dilute for the first 5 million Raised.While claiming to the inventor that there were no investors they were taking in funds and Diverting the funds in there own bank account . Avoiding the PPM used and the escrow attorney appointed they created there own PPM excluding the inventor. Then they converted alleged “Loans” into shares and took control of the company and ousted the Inventor acting CEO at the time. | To add insult to injury these scum bags Purchased a old default judgment the inventor had from 2002 and emptied all his bank accounts pushing him into bankruptcy.Then they showed up at the bankruptcy apposing it! After the bankruptcy was dismissed they continued the collection on slot and ceased all his assets. | Obviously the inventor is Suing them in Seminole county court.Seems That what ever rock these losers crawled out from under are deathly afraid of prosecution .The inventor is standing strong and will never give in until these parasites Pay for there crimes.


  • Name: Power Tree
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Miami
  • Address: 1111 Brickell Bay Dr # 11,
  • Phone: 3054167500
  • Website: www.powertreecorp.com

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