Potts-Meyer Realty Team White Store North Carolina Review


This Realty company sold me a house lemon so to speak as everything appeared to be normal when buying the home they were showing me for sale. Little did I know this company has a F rating with the Better Business Bureau. My roof started leaking 3 weeks after moving in and there was mold in the attic that was covered up so the naked eye could not see it but I began to get sick and mold was bad behind the sheet rock and in the foundation of the home. I was not allowed to get out of my contract and had to pay 7500 dollars for serv pro to eliminate all mold and to fix the leak in the roof. This home was carefully crafted to deceive someone into thinking it was a dream home when it quickly turned into a complete disaster. Please do your homework before hiring this company to get you a home.

496 Bramson Court Suite 200 Mount Pleasant , South Carolina USA


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