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On June 28th I ordered a worx gt trimmer through the worx gt website. They offered a monthly payment plan of $39.95 for three months and $26.12 shipping. I placed one trimmer in cart and clicked submit after verifying everything was correct. One trimmer showing 3 monthly payments, correct address and credit card info. I received email confirmation right away, but it was for two trimmers! I immediately checked my bank account and it showed a pending transaction of $291! I emailed worx gt right away And notified them that I did not order two trimmers(within 5 minutes of order, which was on a Sunday office was closed). I did not get a response but the pending transaction was removed from my account. No withdrawal or funds. Then a week later a pending transaction of $132 showed up! Again not the right amount. Should have been $66.07 for the first month. Again I emailed and got no response. This time transaction stayed pending. I tried listed customer service number and spent 2 hours on hold. No live person on the line. Got tired of waiting and called next day. Again two hours and didn’t reach anyone. Next I got an email with 2 tracking numbers. I emailed again, no reply. I waited 24 hours from third email. Nothing. Tried to call again. Another 2 hours on hold and unable to get through. I got really fed up as I had figured out the $132 is two first months payments on two trimmers! I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau. I got a reply from worx gt within 24 hours! They used one of my original emails (one they didn’t answer) to email me, so I know they received and ignored them. The response was ” we are sorry you no longer want two trimmers…”” . Hello! Been trying to tell you for over 2 weeks I did not order or want 2 of them. They said they couldn’t fix it because they already shipped. Yeah

that’s why I tried to reach you 5 minutes after order! They said I had to pay for both then send one back for a refund. They did refund shipping on the 2nd one. Problem is

I had to pay double money upfront which caused me to incur bounced check fees on my account and it was 35 minute drive each way to FedEx drop off point each way. I had to wait for both trimmers to arrive 5 days

then ship 2nd one back and wait 5-7 business days to get the rest of my money back. It cost me an extra $70 for a $150 order all because they refused to correct a mistake made by their website

dispite my repeated attempts and they refuse to compensate me in any way! I will never deal with this company

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By Ronald

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