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On the day my 88 year old mother had only hours to live, my brother and I were at her house picking up items we would need. Her phone rang. My 62 year old brother answered. Noticing his extreme attention to the landline call I became concerned. I heard only his side of start of conversation. Inadvertently, he mentioned my grandson’s name and even the state he resides in. I gathered from the call my grandson had been arrested and needed $2,000 dollars for bail by that afternoon or he would remain in jail till the hearing many days later. I felt it was very odd. I was very upset. I couldn’t see my grandson calling his great uncle as his allowed call and then putting an officer on the line etc. I insisted on speaking to him. It sounded legit until I was told to go to the nearest RiteAid or Giant Eagle and buy four $500 eBay gift cards. I knew that was wrong. He gave me a phone number to call once I had the cards. I said that didn’t sound professional. He said that’s how it is done from Ohio to Colorado. I told him I may have to call him back if I get confused. He gave me his name, Officer Grady, and badge number. He said if I told anyone it would cause harm to the case and put my grandson in danger.  I hung up and called my grandson to ask where he was. He said at work. I raced back to hospice and had only three minutes before my mom died. This call stole many minutes by my mom’s side. We’d been told she had hours. If I could have punched that scammer I would have. We were already under horrible stress. My brother said they called back as they were waiting on me to call them. They hung up when my brother said I had called my grandson right after talking to them. I wish he hadn’t because I was going to have my police officer nephew use the info to maybe locate the scammers.  Of course after my mother passed that took priority over everything. I’m sure the number has since been changed and "Officer Grady" is using a different con name. A horrible trick for unsuspecting older people. Just outrageous.

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By Ronald

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