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Complaint: I contacted Rob about an ATV he had for sale on the Craigslist several weeks ago. At the time I had an ATV that Rob Rodriguez from Pocket Motos was interested in. We agreed to trade our atv’s as an even exchange. Mr. Rodriguez ATV did not run at the time and he told me it needed a CDI box. A CDI box is a $90 part, so I had not problems with that at all. I have a bill of sale from him stating the ATV he gave me worked fine, except it needed a new CDI box. I got the CDI box, and it did not work. The ATV still did not work. I contacted him again, and he told me it must be another part that went bad. I then purchased that and put it on the atv, only to find out it did not work either. I contacted him several times via email and phone, and he would not return my calls. Finally after I sent him a nasty email, I got a reply. He told me, it was yet another part to try it out. Again, I did. At this point I had spent over $800 in parts for this ATV that only needed a $90 CDI box. After I got the ATV I started to notice other things that were broken on the bike he failed to tell me about. I tried to contact him again when I saw him selling Dirt Bikes. He would not return my calls or emails. I finally took the atv to the shop, to find out exactly what was wrong and to get it fixed, as Mr. Rodriguez would not contact me. It cost me another $550 in parts to get the ATV just to crank over! That does not include the $500 in parts the shop was able to get covered by the Manufacture. As of right now, I have spent well over $1500 on this ATV that needed a $90 part. Rob was given a well kept ATV that ran. I ended up with no atv and $1800 loss. I have filled a BBB complaint, contacted the Flea Market where he has his shop, contacted the FL district attorneys office in regards to fraud, and made some other contacts. I want him to give me the money I have spent trying to get this atv up and running. This will not go away for him or his business until he resolves it. Dan Saint Marys, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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Address: johnsonsfamilyfleamarketjacksonville.com/pocket_motos.html Jacksonville, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 904-228-2067

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