Plenty of Fish impostor Review


I met Erran Gavin John (he goes by the name of Gavin), (His Phone #: (317) 606-2124) on a dating site called "Plenty of Fish (POF)." We texted and called backed and forth for almost a month. He said that he was a structural engineer and that he was going to France to build a 32 room mall in France. He would be over there for 8 weeks managing the project. He would call once or twice a week. My innerbeing told me to watch and listen to this man’s every word. On June 25th, what I thought of him came to fruition. He asked me to call Chase Bank at the following number and the balances on the following accounts. **************; Tax I.D.: **********; Account Numbers: **********,#****, # ****, #****. I reported back to him the balances in each account. Once I told him the balances on each account. He said. " Someone has stolen money from my account!" Then, he asked me to purchase an iTunes card for him so that he could make a phone call. I said’ "Absolutely not! I don’t think men should ask women for money!." You have a lot of money in your other accounts. Why don’t you have your maid to purchase an iTunes card for you?" He tried to play it off as not being a big deal, he just wanted me to purchase a #50.00 iTunes card.

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By Ronald

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