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I ordered a waffle maker from this company during the busy holiday season. Not surprisingly, the product was on back order. After weeks of waiting, with only an order number and a “Will ship in 3-5 days”” as the status

I decided to call. nGetting a hold of an actual human on this line is near impossible: 1-888-865-1291. So I left at least 4 or 5 messages to return my call (as the recording states they will do). Never called me back. I also tried to contact them with regard to my order via e-mail. All I ever got back was a canned response with the same link to the “”will ship in 3-5 days”” status for my order. nTwo months have passed. No waffle maker. The status “”will ship in 3-5 days”” etched in stone on their website. I try and call. FINALLY I talk to someone. I tell them (politely) that I just want to cancel the order

I’m tired of waiting. I had paid with my Visa card back in December and they had received the payment – but this guy wants to reinburse me through Paypal? What is that all about? So he reluctantly says he will send a check. It’s been 3 weeks. No check in my mail box. The status on the website says “”No longer available””. nWould it surprise you that I cannot connect to a living breathing human at their 888 number? I have left messages to call me back and they won’t. nThis company has poor customer service

despite their banner of “”100% Satisfacation Guaranteed””. Had they at least returned a phone call

I might have waited longer. But at this point

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