Pizza Hut, Inc. Randolph Alabama


Complaint: This pizza hut needs new management. I have a daughter that is an employee at this pizza hut and while she was at work on 3/13/2010 she was waiting tables and another girl was in charge of getting the money from the customers as they were leaving. It was not my daughters responsiblity, as the manager only has one person assigned to the drawer. The person who walked out just so happened to know my daughter so the manger is telling my daughter she has to pay for the ticket or go tell the girl she needs the money. Yes my daughter knows the girl but that shouldn’t be her problem she did her job she served the customers and gave them their bills that was what her job was. It is bad enough that the other girl that was working with my daughter was also suppose to be waiting tables and wasn’t my daughter was doing it on her own. The people who work there just stand around while others work. I have been there and have personally seen this. I went in and meet my daughter to eat luch with her before her shift and sat for 15 min before being actknowledged then after being waited on because my daughter went up and got us menus. I watched as another table came in and sat down and waited 15 to 20min. before being waited on. I can say you hardly ever see the manager because she stays in the office and don’t see what is going on and the people who are shift mangers are worthless as while they really need new management, because when emplyoees are treated unfairly or customers have to seat and wait for long periods of time this is bad for business and the store will end closing due to no business. I would like to see something done about this because if my dauhgter who is 16 goes to work tonite and they tell her she has to pay for that ticket we will be getting an attorney to take action.

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: 1211 7th st south Clanton, Alabama United States of America


Phone: 2057557405

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