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Complaint: I am unsure of the legalities of using peoples actual names, so I will not use them at this time. I have been subjected to 16 months of hardship by this company. Emerald City Pizza is a franchise of Pizza Hut. 16 months ago, 2 friends/co-workers (a married couple) of mine had a “falling out”” of a very personal matter. This happened away from work and was not a “”work”” related subject. The wife of this couple after having an argument while at work with her husband

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Address: moved into the store managers house where she continude to live for aprox. 3 months. These “”friends”” used thier influance in the company to harass me. they even got the Manager to cut me down to 2 days a week

Website: called me names

Phone: while their schedule remained unchanged. the three of us were close and we had

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