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Complaint: For a long time now I have been following all these Ripoff Scamss on the Pizza Hut. I thought you were all full of it. At first that is. I’ve even been friends with Betty Carter for years now. She had me fooled too. So I did some investigating. My son said to me all these reports on Pizza Hut and Betty Carter cannot be untrue, including the recent story in the Phoenix New Times. Recently I overheard Betty Carter working on employees that she does not even know to give her a positive statement about her performance. I asked the one employee what was going on? The employee said Betty wanted them to lie, the employee said she did not even know Betty well enough to do what she asked. Several of the employees came over to my table and stated that they were shorted their hours from the very first week from both Pizza Huts they worked at. Recently I found out that the Pizza Hut in Gold Canyon, also supervised and owned by Betty, has been having problems with their employees and neighboring businesses. Those employees are now kicked out of several local business at the new shopping center for drug use and sexual assaults On 4th of July, after hours, during a thunder storm the power went out, and the Pizza Hut employees were all hanging out at the Jack In the Box. The Pizza Hut employees thought the cameras were not working, and they started doing drugs, but the cameras were still working even though the power was out. Several days later the Jack In the Box in Gold Canyon management viewed the video and what do you know, the Sheriffs department was called in. As far as I know for now, the Pizza Hut employees are now bard from the Jack in the Box… The employees are still working for Betty at Pizza Hut in Gold Canyon. That’s not all. Several other business had problems with the Pizza Hut employees where they sexually harassed the employees at a neighboring business. The cooks for Pizza Hut Ricky and William who still work there are bared form the neighboring business. Betty now has two more positive statements about her for court. SO the employees can keep their job now. Betty said this right in front of me and several others she thinks are her friends. Also, according to one Pizza hut Driver none of the pizza delivery drivers working for the Apache Junction or the Gold Canyon Pizza Hut have proper insurance and Betty knows that, so she has been screwing those employees on hours in trade for letting them work with no insurance. One nasty old looking man named Tom Bird, also a pizza driver recently got pulled over in front of the Gold Canyon Pizza Hut with no insurance and expired registration. Betty Carter got a statement from him for court, and the old man is still working there today, still with expired registration and no insurance. This man looks like he was just dragged off the streets and is a homeless man with a terrible odor. I found out the reason why Betty says she needs statements for court, the Pizza Hut lawyers need them to defend their recent lawsuit because of all the complaints on this web site. Like I said before. I was friends with Betty for many years. She had me fooled and I feel like a fool myself. I work for one of the local businesses in the shopping center. I am ashamed that people know I was friends with her. She did for years brag how she is in so good with the AJ police who did eat there for free during the recent grand opening. I sat there next to the Police for several hours. The cops joked about the free food openly. Betty came over and was whispering to several of the officers who seemed to make fun of her behind her back. I lost all respect for the AJ Police, they were all in there over a 3 hour period. Several came in off duty but were later working. None of them expected to pay. I almost forgot. An older woman in her 70’s or 80’s came in and asked Betty for her check form almost a year ago. Betty said, I thought you got that check. The very nice lady said, Betty I called you a week ago and you said you would find out about my check from last April. As the lady left Pizza Hut, Betty turned around and said, she’s a liar, she was over paid, I owe her nothing. I’ll have to have the police have her removed. I will no longer go into any of the Pizza Huts.

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Address: Gold Canyon & Apache Junction, Arizona U.S.A.



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