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I was adjusting the bias on my Jadis Orchestra on August 5, 2007. Everything was going great until I decided to do one last check with my multi-meter and crossed the pins causing a resistor and the hum pot to go up in flames. I contacted Pierre Gabriel that same month sending pictures of the damaged parts, a description of the problem, etc. In October 2007, I was told the parts were on order from JADIS in France and to send PG a money order. I promptly did so. Several more months went by and still no parts were received. I tried getting updates on the status of the parts several more times during that period. Finally, after waiting more than one 18 months, I emailed JADIS directly for help in resolving this matter. Someone named “Patrick”” replied saying he’d speak to Pierre at PG about this situation. After waiting for a couple of months I emailed and not hearing anything I contacted JADIS again. This time Patrick replied back that he’d spoken with Pierre and I should be contacted shortly. Well

I did get an email from Pierre saying he’d tried to contact me by phone with no luck and requesting a phone number that he could reach me at. I emailed him my cell phone number and…after that never heard back. In the summer of 2009 I finally got so frustrated that I asked for my money back. I’ve never received it

and don’t expect to receive it. After reading about other PG “”rip-offs”” I’ve decided to file this this “”rip-off”” report. I would strongly advise anyone who is contemplating doing business with Pierre Gabriel Acoustic Inc. to tread very carefully.”

110 Boul. des Entreprises Boisbriand, Quebec United States of America


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