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Complaint: EPCON CONSTRUCTION / ELECTRIC / SOLAR is nothing but a family of lying, cheating, stealing and corrupt individuals. Every employee that has previously worked there has either not been paid what is owed to them, the check that is issued bounced or the amount paid was grossly under what was owed. EPCON does not pay any of their sub contractors. The money comes in and the money goes right back out into the owners pockets and no one is paid. Everyone in this company has quit due to being ripped off and lied to constantly. If anything comes out of the owners mouths I can guarantee you it is a complete lie. Pathological liars are exactly what you are going to get dealing with these immoral people that have absolutely no remorse and their full intentions are to contract anyone that is ignorant enough to do business with them and get the money and run without finishing the job or paying any suppliers or contractors. If you become employed at EPCON or do business with them then all I can say is best of luck….. you have been forewarned. The Attorney General is fully aware of this company and what they have been doing, along with the Arizona Department of Labor, Department of Economic Security and IRS. How these people sleep at night is beyond me.

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Address: 4518 N. 12th Street, Suite 102 Phoenix, Arizona USA

Website: www.epconstruction.com/


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