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Complaint: On Dec 23rd ordered a transmission from them, a 4L8oE. Promised delivery on Jan 1 or 2nd, because we were renting trucks. Called them on the 2nd, got the run around. 3rd, shipping said it was being tested. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, transferred from one line to the other, Andre, Aaron, this one, that one. I have since found this is a common tactic used in their deception. On the 9th I finally called and got a woman who said it was shipping out on con-way air, would arrive Monday. I did not have it on Tuesday, so I called Conway.It Was sitting 60 miles away due to mis labeling. I drove and picked up, it was busted, 8 inch crack in bell housing and pan crushed. Conway said, ” you are gonna have big problems with this company””> I refused shipment and got documentation. Called them the next morning

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Address: (andre)

Website: but that was not my problem. They can do whatever they want with Con-way

Phone: told them it was not packaged correctly

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