Phillino Miniature Dachshund Pet Home Review


I am in the process of looking for a dachshund, and in searching the internet, came across this so called company. Sent an e-mail through their website to ask about availability and where they are located. Was advised they were located in "Virginia", but would ship the dog anywhere in the U.S. Due to "coupons" they have with their "shipping company", there would be no additional cost to ship the dog . . . First alarm! The first response was not written by someone whereby English is their first language, and "Phillip" acted like he was very concerned about the type of home the dog would be in. So I responded again asking for further information as to where they were located in Virginia, as I would like to first see the dog and pick him up directly.Their second response totally ignored my questions, but they did advise that they would like to offer me the dog I asked about (Jackson). The e-mail then went on to advise the purchase procedure whereby full payment is required prior to shipping. This was the second alarm, and I began searching the internet for scams. Found another post in April about this company being a scam, referencing a dog named Landry. That same dog is still on the website, and ironically only 11 weeks old now . . . the dog was old enough to go to a home in April, but amazingly still now 11 weeks old! There was a puppy supposedly available sitting in a polka dot teacup, so googled images with that description. Found the image of that dog on the internet, so obviously does not exist from this company! Their website also indicated they were on Facebook, and through searching, there is no Facebook page for this company.I sent the final response to their second e-mail telling them that it sickens me to know that they are preying on people that want to give a puppy a good home! They responded very quickly to my first two e-mails when they thought they were suckering me into paying $560 for a puppy, but no response when I sent the last e-mail. If they were a reputable company, they would have responded and defended themselves!

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By Ronald

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