Philip Lechter – Hoax Giveaway

I attended a Tectalk event and listened to Phil Lechter’s lecture. During the lecture, a man named Colton Fitzgerald was brought on stage and given a $20K giveaway as part of a drawing at the event.I watched the gentleman sign an agreement in front of Philip Lechter, Chris Record, and Jim Piccolo. They said he would be receiving his prize within a few days.The agreement stated that it would be paid to him in one transaction.The speakers, however, stated that it would be paid to him over a period of time.It was nothing like what he had signed up for. They still have not paid, and Mr. Fitzgerald is considering contacting his attorney. Obviously, these are not very promising and honorable businessmen.I am speaking on behalf of a close friend of mine, so no one does further business with these men.

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