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Phil Frink & Associates were involved in a fraudulent foreclosure of my property. They are part of a group of real estate companies that work together to defraud small time developers. Their part of the scam comes late in the day after, mortgage brokers have trapped the developers into hard money construction loans. The process goes like this: First, the developer is promised a construction loan. The investors will promise to fund the construction upon the completion of a first phase or some detailed list of conditions. As that list nears completion, new conditions are added. More information on the developer’s financial situation is requested under the pretext of qualifying for the second phase of the loan – which was already agreed to in the first phase. All in all, they keep asking for more conditions until the developer’s finances are exhausted. This is where Phil Frink & Associates steps in to deliver the final blow. Their business specializes in these actions.

1895 Plumas Street, Suite 5 reno, Nevada United States of America

(775) 324-2567

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