Pharmazone Labs Hillsborough New Jersey Review


As described in the other report about this company, but my addition is that—Pharmazone Labs stated I called my order on Dec 6 2006, for a 10 day trial. When I called to cancel the auto ship on Dec 15, they told me the order was already shipped. I knew I called on Dec 7. I had no way to prove it, as Verizon Wireless told me I had to wait for my bill to see call records. nIn the meantime they stated they already shipped the order on Dec 15, despite the label on the package stating it was shipped Dec 18. Anyway, I could return the product but not get the 9.95 shipping that cost them 63 cents back, plus I would have to pay to return it. nI disputed the charge, which is still in the process now, but today I got my Verizon Wireless bill, and low and behold, the order was placed on Dec 7th, not on Dec 6th like they said. They intentionlly backed the date by one day hoping I would be late to call and cancel the autoship. They are con artists and I plan on contacting the State of Arizona. nRaynHillsborough, New JerseyU.S.A.

7000 N 16th Ste 120-454 Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

800-770 8158

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