Peyton Titus Arkansas


To start out, I can’t even be FACEBOOK FRIENDS with my best friend from when we were babies just because she is now married to him. She is a spoiled little girl that acts like she comes from money, thus meaning she acts better than everyone she meets. She has repeatedly, and I mean repeatedly, cheated on her husband with multiple men all over the state. Shes hopped from house to house every time they broke up or had a rough patch. Shes moved more times in the last year than anyone I’ve ever seen. Yes, I’m angry because my best friend is no longer my best friend because of this witch, but also because he is too blinded to see what she is doing. She uses everyone she comes across. At one time we were on ok terms when we first met. When her husband started hanging out with my fiance more since they started working together she totally flipped her lid. She just recently moved to Morrilton after marrying her husband and used to live in Benton. Shes living with his parents and using them because shes too good to live anywhere that isnt up to her snobbish standards. If you come across her, run the other way. She is no good for anyone and only hurts, uses, and sleeps with people to get what she wants.

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By Ronald

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