Petsvilla Staten Island New York Review


The worst Pet Store and Groomer around with a very big attitude ? If you plan on Shopping or Grooming your Pet “DO NOT STEP FOOT IN THIS PLACE””. The owners name is Georgean and she is a complete bully. I asked her if they carried a certain Brand label

and the lady told me “”Do I look like a f##king genie

go check the isle and then come back to me””. Her Store looks like a “”Hole in the Wall””

they recently opened not long ago and for the amount of business they do they should cherish every customer that walks in. INSTEAD the owners attitude (Georgean) towards her customers should not be tolerated with me nor should it be tolerated by anyone. During that same trip to the store – They barely groomed my dog. My poor little yorkie dig came back smelling like it just escaped from a fire entrenched sewer. Noone should have to go through what I had to Endure. They owner is a pure animal. There is another Pet store in the area that treats you with respect.”

55 New Dorp Plaza Staten Island, New York United States of America

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By Ronald

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