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Petsmart has the worst management I have ever seen on the grooming side in Ft. Collins, Co. I have never heard of a manger being so inflexible when it comes to schuduling employees. They need to train the managers before giving them a position in the company. Or at least make them work their way up through the company before they are allow to manage people. nLast year instead of laying people off they just cut the hours in half forcing the full time employees to drop down to part time and lose their medical benifits. If you have a set two days off those never never change. So you are screwed if you have Monday and Tues off then have to ask for the weekend too. So that is 4 days of no pay. What is so hard about scheduling everybody a weekend off at least once a month. Oh that would require having to work on a new schedule each month. The other problem is if the groomer has dogs scheuduled for the day the management can give those dogs to another groomer and then call and tell employee they aren’t needed for the day. Is that fair? How can a person make a living on 3 days a week?

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By Ronald

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