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Complaint: We hired Petersheim Builders to construct a garage which they completed in December of 2010. I noticed several weeks later that that there were approx. 1/2″ gaps between the boards around the entire base of the garage. The light from outside was actually shining through

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Address: and you could actually see the vinyl siding shining through.Petersheim Builders also put a new roof on our home ten months later. My father show Mr. Petersheim the gaps between the boards at the base of the garage

Website: 839 Chestnut Street Gap, Pennsylvania United States of America

Phone: and he told my seventy-seven year old father to fill them in himself! I also noticed after they had finished the roof that there were black asphalt streaks all over the siding of the house from the shingles that were removed by Petersheim’s crew.We had the house power-washed

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