Peter Bromfield, Tempe, Arizona


I keep posting, because I’m lonely. I post because I want your love and attention. I post mean things about women because I hate them. I hate them because they steal the attention that I want from other men.I’m lonely, sad, gay, and I’m longing for attention. Your attention. I often visit racist sites, because I secretly fantasize about being bound, kidnapped, whipped and taken advantage of by racist white men. I want to be your slave! I’ve been opened up by bbc many times, but I want something different. I have jerked off and came so many times watching Ned Beatty being used and abused by that toothless hillbilly in the movie, “Deliverance”, that I crack a fat and bust a nut, every time I hear banjos. My a hole gets so hot and hungry when I read your racial slurs on those nasty racist websites. I pretend not to like it and get mad, but I really love it. It gets me off! I’m stroking it, every time you call me the n word.I want you to make me bathe in Mountain Dew, while you p in my face. Duct tape my hands and feet, then do me on top of your rebel flag! Soothe the inside of my buttocks with baby oil, motor oil, Shedds Spread, lard, WD-40…whatever you hillbillies use, and open up my hungry, greedy a hole. Then let me suck you dry! I go a** to mouth better than any tuna b**** porn star. Send all your d*** pics to me: [email protected]Call me up for some hot gay phone sex: 407-639-0611

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