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I recently visited my local petco pet supply store and fell while I was there. My pant leg caught a piece of a metal caging and down I went and then down they all (on the display) went. My husband had to help me up and WE picked up the mess. I really did not think I was hurt that bad, little did I know how I would feel very shortly. When we went to checkout I told the cashier, Angie, that I had fallen and she completely ignored me. My husband and I left and by the time I got back to work (about 10 miles away) I was sore all over. nThe next day my back and hips were a mess. This happened on a Monday evening. On Tuesday morning I called PETCO corp to report the incident and they assured me that the information would be sent to the general manager of this particular store and I would be receiving a phone call shortly from them. NOTHING! Later that day I sent an email to PETCO corp and again NOTHING! so I called again and was told the same thing as earlier in the day. On Wednesday I finally gave in and went to my chiropractor. I had xrays done and a consulatation. I now have an injury to my sacral spine and will need several adjustments to try to fix it. It is causing my hips to be misaligned and A LOT of pain and discomfort. nOn Thursday I again called PETCO corp and spoke with Eric. While I was on the line with him he called this store himself and again I was assured that I would be receiving a phone call from the general manager shortly. NOTHING! nOn Friday I again emailed, NOTHING! nIt is now 10 days and several chiropractor adjustments later and I still have not heard from anybody from this store!!!! nI don’t really want anything from them, maybe to pay my chiropractor bills, they just need to make sure their displays are safe and won’t cause anybody harm. Since I cannot get anyone to return my phone calls I have been unable to tell them that and now I am ANGRY!!!! nThis total disregard for their customers is completely unbelieveable to me and while I like the supplies they have in this store I will never shop at any PETCO ever again.

12765 Harper Village Dr. Battle Creek, Michigan United States of America


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