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I purchased a 2011 Toyota Prius in 2015 from Peruzzi in Hatfield, PA. The price I negotiated with them was $16,000, yet buried deep within the contract where no one could have found it, they charged me $17,000 for the car. | When I finally found it in the contract, I returned to the dealership and spoke with the President at the time. He told me when my car (my tradein) was auctioned, he would make sure I was reimbursed. Well, IT NEVER HAPPENED. | I read on this website where the exact same thing happened to another buyer. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAM ARTISTS OF THE HIGHEST CALIBER – AND THEY WORK TOGETHER TO SCAM PEOPLE – THE SALESMEN, FINANCE PEOPLE AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE DEALERSHIP. MY BEST ADVICE IS STAY AWAY. | UNCARING, HORRIBLE PEOPLE.


  • Name: Peruzzi Toyota
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Hatfield
  • Address: 2601 Bethlehem Pike
  • Phone: 215-997-1111
  • Website:

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