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This jerkoff Perris Alexander is a thief and con man, he takes money from people and steals your projects. He gives you the world’s all time best run around! He is a master at the run around. He stalks women at Red Carpet events and gathers numbers so he has girls to call at all hours. I was taken for a bit of money and he wasted countless hours of my time. Trying to tell me about his personal life, how he’s lonely etc… I am just a girl trying to make it in the industry. I don’t have time for perverted perverts to steal my money as a “retainer” fee and then try to pick up on me and my girlfriends! This guy is demented. He is all about threatening you, telling you you are going to court, he is the fastest person in the world to start talking law suits. By the way, saw the other ripoff on this p**** (not written by me at all) and he says hes going to sue for defamation.Good luck. You can’t. I already checked. It’s just the world of the internet and I can say whatever I want jerk! Leave me alone, lose my number, and leave girls alone. And return my money!!! Or I will put one of these up every day and destroy you to the core. YOu know what you owe me, you know who I am. My name starts with a C. ring a bell? His breath stinks, he’s got what looks like 2 lazy eyes, he loves taking pictures with pretty girls, he told me flat out, he will buy the red carpet pics of me and him, and I said jokingly “don’t jerk off to em”, and he winked at me and said “why do you think I buy them?” This guy is sick. I was joking, I know it was a bad joke but GOD!!! If I see him again at an event I will have him punished. Do not give him money… he gives you the run around after you do it! And will not give it back and just threaten you.

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