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I am moving to Atlanta for a job and was searching for a room sharing on and craig’s list. This lady who goes by the name PARI SWITZER sent an email to me from the email address, [email protected] that she has an apartment to share and that she is out of town for job purposes for few months and that I can stay in the room for $500 per month. She reduced the rent from $700 to $500 when I said I can’t afford it. Her number is 281-603-6011 She contacted me on phone and finally made the arrangements to mail the keys once I deposit $500 as a security deposit in her attorney’s account. Then I agreed to pay the first month’s rent of $500 once i reach the apartment on 23-Sep-2017. Finally I made the cas deposit of $500 in the account number of her so called attorney whose name is: Genesis Jenesaisquoi with an account number of 6404118298 of Wells Fargo. Once I mailed her the proof of deposit, she sent an email next day stating that her attorney is not accepting and that she needs the balance $500 as well. Then I was suspicious and called her and asked her to return back my money which she agreed. After sometime she blocked my numbers and stopped responding. I was completely ripped off. She gave a fake ID proof in the email conversations. All I have is her 30 or so emails and the fake ID along with this Bank Account number and the account holder’s name.

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