Perfect Renovations – Zero Attention to Detail

I do not suggest Perfect Renovation for a number of reasons. They are very unprofessional from start to finish.I had to wait 3 weeks to even have a consultation because I was canceled on last minute. He was not very knowledgeable either. The consultation was a waste because he did not know what he was doing. He did not take measurements of the room and he did not seem to know what kind of material I was talking about for the insulation and flooring. I to make a deposit at that point, but he sent another gentleman a week later to start demolition. I had to stop him because I did not think he even knew what I wanted. He had no clue he was just breaking down the place. I had to supervise the whole job myself. They had no sense of direction for my vision. | When I was not around, they did a terrible job. It was not quality work overall. I cannot believe I paid nearly $20,000 for labor and work on a master renovation. Overpriced, especially for the workmanship.

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