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Appoximately Dec.10 I was on facebook and a advertizment popped up stating this product they had for sale would help if you were suffering from joint pain… I have had surgery on both knees and I was hopeful to find relief. So for the introductory cost of $4.97 and $5.99 I followed the link and paid my shipping free because that was what was said it was going to cost. | I read all that was on the page I gave my card number and when I recieved the product there was no mention of autoship, just two peices of informational only stating how to use and what the product is suppose to do. Not only that but not a reciept nor was there any mention of (you will recieve an automatic renewal shippment if you do not cancel)…. | I had another incident a few days earliar with this same situation a facebook transaction so, which is what prompted me to call this company to be sure that was not the case. Trimgarcinia was the name of that company they are just a phony and bogus as this one. Same price of $79.99. I think they are the same owners. When I recieved my bill I was like. FRAUD!!!! and told my C/C to investigate. | I was told several lies about an additional product I should buy if I were to maximize my weight loss and my 14 day trial started the very day I ordered it before I even recieved it or had a chance to use it. In addition I was told on the web site 19 days all of the customer service people had different days and answers. It was impossible contacting them. No one was answering their phone. I sent about 3 emails and left messages. | I called as soon as I found out what was going on. I was unaware of two different companies I was dealing with not to mention they were using a different name and phone numbeThe day I called Arizona I spoke to a Anthony and he told me I was good an gave me a cancellation number. After my bank ststement I had two numbers from two different states I called utah hung up on me and found that that number on line is a scam number and business. | I called back to Arizona to re affirm I was cancelled and that person told me as well I owed nothing and again gave me the cancel number. The next time I called the phone was no longer in use. Online I hunted until I found a good number and called and was told you did not cancel in time. A day or so later I get a call from a guy who was supposidly calling on behalf of my C/C to expidite things sent me a form to reinstate the charge. | So I called Credit One and asked them did they out source my complaint they said NO! Today Mrch 10, 2018 I get a letter from Credit One and it stated I was resposible for the charge and that in the future I should not give anyone my card number. I was pissed and I told him. It’s C/C companies like you who allow hackers to charge $1200 over the limit of my credit card and blame me for their allowing someone to get into my account and you let them buy $600.00 dollars of gift cards and pay my quick pay with a none existant check, shop and go in Florida and then tell me we will have to see if it was you. I never been to | Every problem with my cards and the breach of my credit I attributed to them. At first I was not going to pay. I have good credit. My son had a good talk with me and made me realize I would be a fool to allow this to affect my good standing with credit. So I paid it and decided to do this instead. I know this is the right thing to do. I had two cards with Credit One and I have been an on time, always paid early never over the limit and they are not standing up for me…. So I closed both accounts. Now I am done with all involved. | A FOOT NOTE, THE COMPANIES MENTIONED ABOVE ARE CROOKS. FACEBOOK IS NOT A PLACE TO GET REPUTABLE BUSINESSES FROM. THEY HIDE BEHIND THAT MEDIA. AND GIVE FALSE AND MISLEADING INFORMATION. ALSO CREDIT ONE BANK WON;T HAVE YOUR BACK WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO IT. BUYERS BEWARE! | Thanx for this forum I hope this is is helpful.


  • Name: Perfect Beauty Lab
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: North Ogden
  • Address: 166 W 1750 N
  • Phone: 888-520-5537
  • Website:

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