Pepe’s Towing Review


Well this just happen to me ,first time on 10/26/15 this people are totally abusive and illegal and shady!we have lived in this condo for 3 months and parked in same spots since we moved here, first my sons car was towed , supposedly because it was parked illegally , and when i went to get my car?! They first said it was a report from the security guard of the shopping center behind our home, And the he change this version saying it was parked illegally , they only towed my car when there was 10 more cars there, second this was an alley and that’s where my garage is at! The have old beat up signs , saying pepes towing so I called the city and told me pepes towing is no longer in business , and his signs are old , so when I confronted the guy in the front desk very rude and uncourteous , about why my car had been towed? He just said he didn’t know , and I asked him why those old signs read pepes towing if they’re not pepes towing in fact they’re Santa Ana towing?! He said nothing! He just ask me you want your car or not?? I said fine he then gave me an astronomic price of $350 dlls , I read the invoice and it was a $65 dls charge for using rolling carts in my car , when i know in fact that front wheel drives like my car does not need them to be towed from rear my car being a front wheel drive ! He said well too bad,, this people are a scam! Hiding pepes towing behind Santa Ana towing , if they were going tinstone towing under Santa Ana towing? New signs should have gone up ! And 2 days ago they towed my other car, but this time they glued a new sign at the time of timing my car, yes that’s right as soon as they towed my my car they post a new sign which still had fresh glue on it in front of my car !!i i could not believe it! Now if that’s not predatory towing I don’t know what is! And i know they did towed my car in retaliation cause I’m suing them for the prior tow! You’re d**n right I’m suing them again!! I urge anyone else who had a running with this crooks to file a claim is very easy and take them to small claims, oh another thing I found out the same owner who owned pepes towing who lost a law suit for killing a bystander (running him over) while towing a car?! Is the same owner as Santa Ana club towing ! Wow!! Be aware everyone!! I will this people in court!!


  • Name: Pepe’s Towing
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Santa Ana
  • Address: 1640 S Grand Ave
  • Phone: 714-541-0707
  • Website:

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