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Complaint: COMPLAINT INFORMATION:I have taken my car to Pep boys twice for service the first time was in July and I had to bring my car back the mext day to have them perform the work again. I took my car to them again November 23rd. 1.) The car took a day longer than they said to repair. 2.) While working in the engine they disconnected the windshield wipers, thus creating an unsafe vehicle. 3.) They did not complete the work inside the engine. Not only was the wiper left disconnected but covers on parts of the engine were not replaced. 4.) The vehicle failed again the same day it was picked up. 5.) The manager of the location would not take the time to discuss the matter with me and when pressed would not give me the name and phone of his supervisor. He did however give me the number for the national customer service line. 6.) the customer service line told me the District Manager would call back within 24 hours, this was Wednesday November 27th, I did’nt hear from the district Manager until 5 P.M. on Monday December 1- 67 hours after I placed the original call. Even allowing for Thanksgiving , this is excessive. 7.)They told me the second problem this time was unrelated to the first. When we took the Van to them this problem was not there. 8.) Everyone I had to deal with at the business was rude they held my van until I finally agreed to pay them -yet another 300.00 for a problem I feel certain they caused. 9.) The District Manager was of no help. Nan Dayton, Ohio

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Address: Wilmington Pike, Dayton Ohio Dayton, Ohio U.S.A.


Phone: 937-294-1900

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