Pennzoil – 10 Minute Oil Change Aka Dave Mcdonald saginaw Michigan


Complaint: When you pull into one of these quick changes you had better pay attention to what going on with your car. They claim there greasing every fitting underneath well they didnt mine and it has cost me 2 universal joints in which there were grease fittngs on. I had heard this rumbling coming from underneath my truck i called my mechanic to have it fixed when he brought it back he informed me that it was the universal joint. He then asked me who did my oil changes and i told him it was pennzoil 10 minute on westbay he then informed me that not only was there no grease in them but it looked like they had never been greased wasnt that what i was paying them for? Dave Mcdonald the owner of this franchise did return my call and i met with him at his business, he examined the part in which was nothing but a rust bucket with a flash light and he couldnt find any grease himself. now mind you i had only put 1600 miles on my truck since my last oil change inwhich for as long as ive owned this truck was every 3000 miles in which they recommended. Where was the grease? all i had was rust.I guess what really irrated me was when he asked me “How do i know this came off your truck? Im 48 years old and an auditor for the largest corporation in the world and believe me they are not going to trust me with a 15 million dollar inventory if they even thought id consider ripping off the local oil change guy for $80 bucks these people need to get a grip and pennzoil needs to be a little more selective as to who they sell a franchise to. I do intend to proceed with this through legal channels only for the fact i felt insulted by the owner insinuating that id even try to rip him off. Little does the owner know but the company i work for also supplies the oil to his business wont he be surprised when i see him in court. Sharlene saginaw

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Phone: 3060 Westbay Dr. Saginaw, Michigan Saginaw, Michigan U.S.A.

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