Penny Towe – Valdosta, Georgia Georgia


I want to expose this girl she finds her way into happy home by portraying that he now ex boyfriend is mean. Which he is not I have meet him. She worked with my fiancee and found out that he was a gamer and decided that she would see if he wanted to play the game with her online this is how it all started. Well she got his phone number from someone at work and began texting his phone at all hours of the night. Well one day she thought that she was texting him and it was me. This nasty little b***h was trying to get him to meet her on a Sunday so she could have sex with him. Well this went on for several months and I don’t believe that nothing happen but she ruined a good part of almost 2 years now and just recently she tried to talk to him at work and he ignored her. || She is a nasty little b***h that needs a hood asz whooping. Stay clear of her she will ruin your relationship and or marriage her name is penny towe and she is a nasty nasty trifling cu*t

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By Ronald

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