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Complaint: As with similar reports from other U.S Citizens, I am experiencing the exact same action from Penndot from a false claim of having an Auto Accident in 1979 in the City of Pittsburgh where I was born and had grew up until joining the U.S. Military in 1982, thus surrendering my PA license for a California Drivers License while stationed in Oceanside, CA. In this particular case, in 2017, while working as an Independent Contract Driving Partner (Uber) in California, I was waiting for my renewed CA Drivers License to continue working. Upon noticing that my license was expiring towards my birth date, I returned to the local DMV to inquire as to why I had not received my hard copy drivers license. After a supervising agent returned with a records investigation, I was informed that my license was being seized in two states: Pennsylvania and Georgia. At this time I am very upset to have learned of this action, since I have been driving personally and commercially for over 30 years without any accidents. I requested contact information to resolve the issue. I was provided with both PA and GA DMV departments along with record reference numbers. I called Georgia’s DMV and was advised that they did not have any violation(s) on my records and informed me that the seizure of my drivers license records was being held by Pennsylvania’s DMV. Following up on the agent’s information, I called Penndot and spoke to a supervisor concerning this illegal action against my license as well as my civil rights that were being violated without Due Process. The supervisor initially informed me that they could not find any record of why my license was being seized. After learning of this, I immediately filed complaints with the FTC and Consumer Financial Protective Agencies as well as Police Inquiry Report in the City of Pittsburgh on the False Allegations and Identity Theft of my government records. While these investigations with both agencies were pending, I called back to Penndot and was informed by the same supervisor that he had thought it was strange, but he had a report that I was involving in an Auto Accident on September 5, 1979. Being totally surprised and upset, I informed the agent that this was clearly a mistake because I had never been in any auto accident in over 30 + years and how was this possible? He advised me to contact the PA Prothonotary Office for the records. I followed these instructions and was advised by that office that there was an Arbitration case involving a party claiming my involvement. I requested the information on the person (Plaintiff) who falsely brought this action against me. I would contact this person for clarification and resolve this matter in court proceedings. I was provided with a man named John Sliwinski and his attorney Frank M. Gianola. After trying to locate and contact these men in order to resolve this matter, I discovered that John Sliwinski was deceased and the attorney Frank Gianola had been allegedly suspended from law for over 20 plus years. I called back to Penndot and explained that these persons were not available to contact and recited reasons why. I was then advised by another agent of the DMV that what I needed to do was to put money into an escrow account and pay for this case, because the department had passed as new law going back that far into records of drivers having issues. Being extremely upset, I reminded that agent that there was no way that I was going to pay any money to the state for a false auto accident claim that I was never involved in. The agent then informed me that there was nothing else they could do to help me. Feeling totally helpless, I filed a complaint claim with the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Department for Discrimination and Elder Fraud Rights Violations against Department of Transportation in Harrisburg, PA, because I was 58 years old. After receiving a call and letter from a Director of that department, months later, I was given the run-around by two female directors, one claiming that she should not have been sent any letter from the DOJ because it was not her department. She informed me that she would forward my complaint over to another director in that department. Weeks later, I received a call from the the second director who informed me that there was nothing that would justify my claim of discrimination and elder fraud from my case. She unexpectedly closed my claim. In the meantime, I was forced to resign from my job as an Independent Contract Driving Partner, due to my license issues. As a result from a false claim in 1979, mistaken identity, and an attempted forced collections for an arbitration case that is barred under the statute of limitations, lost my job, I have lost the means to earn income, I am suffering depression as wells as not having the ability to drive and move on inherited roads and highways under the U.S. Constitution, all due to illegal state administrative actions and procedures without due process protections.

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Address: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation 1101 South Front Street, Harrisburg, PA Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania United States


Phone: (717) 412-5300

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