Penn Credit ANNAPOLIS Maryland Review


This company calls my home on several phone numbers looking for my son. Then ask if I am the spouse and they can talk to me. They give no information, when I ask why the contast calls, they are vague. I have told them my son no longer lives here. So, it’s time to give these people the same medicine. Next time I will ask for a fax number and then endless send them faxes from as many unlisted numbers I can use. So tired of this as my son does not own any companies any monies. but they want his Credit card information. When he says he’ll send a money order – they hang up. Hum????? Going over my caller Id phone records over 72 calls from 8am to 8:59PM. Here are the numbers they call us from. 1-877-460-6828 T. Hamilton 1-800-900-1380 Penn Credit Corp.

Nationwide USA

877 460 6828

Illegal Collection Agencies

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