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My husband and I purchased 51 Pella Architect double hung douglas fir windows and 1 quad door in August 1009. We paid 100% of the contract the day we ordered them. The windows were delivered 3 weeks later than the contract stated. Pella had nothing to say except that they had our money and we could not do anything. Once the windows were delivered, they were instantly installed. Once it was November 2009 we had snow inside our home. I will try to shorten the rest of the story. Pella replaced all of the windows in February 2010. They delivered and replaced all except 21, which they left stacked in the garage. It continued to snow inside our home. The seals were not made correctly in the middle of the sashes. The snow comes in between the sashes, where the latch is located. Pella has not returned any of our phone calls, emails or letters since February 2010. We live just 40 minutes from Pella, Iowa where these are made. We have tried to make personal contact with anyone from Pella Window and Doors. We can not get any response from the salesman, John McDonald, retailer, Karl Allen of Prairie Pella Inc., or Pella Windows and Doors of Pella Iowa. They do not care. We have over $100,000.00 in windows, installation and damages to our home. We have been unable to put in the drywall because we live in Iowa and it has rained nearly every week this summer. The mold problem in our home is just awful now that we have had all the water in our windows all summer. As Christians, we do not believe in taking others to court, but what else can we do. We do not have a home to live in. A neighbor has taken us in while we wait out this mess. Let us know at (((REDACTED))) if you have any suggestions for us. We need help. We have dozen’s of pieces of communications between Pella and ourselves. We have hundreds of pictures of the water and snow inside our home. I will leave you with a letter that was written to us by Pella. They told us that their windows were designed to allow air to flow into our home, because the house was to air tight. I would love to get you a copy of this letter for you to look at in disbelief as we did. a href=”””>CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams

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102 Main Street Pella, Iowa Pella, Iowa United States of America

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