Pearson Hyundai – Pearson Hyundai Taking Your Money

I have had a Hyundai for a couple of years now that I purchased from Pearson Hyundai. I get all my servicing done there. They always see me in a timely manner, which is great because i have had to take my car to their mechanic at least 3 times in the last year.The last time that I went in, I had a problem with the oil engine, at least that is what they told me. I paid out another $1,000 to have it fixed, but before I knew it, it was making the same sound that made me take it in the first place.I decided to go to a different mechanic to get a second opinion. With that, I discovered that my car only had a slight problem with the rotors.Hyundai had been charging me thousands of dollars over the year for no reason. They are highly unprofessional and are running a scam.They would not give me money back upon request. I got screwed over by Pearson Hyundai.Don’t even purchase your car here.

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