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On 2/18/19 when attempting to download 2019 Office Home/Student, I was directed to a site that appeared to belong to Microsoft. A message popped up stating the software was unable to be installed and I had to call a phone number. To be sure I was on the correct Microsoft site, I re-entered the site that was on the back of the Office Home/Student card and I received the same message. I called and a male with a heavy accent identified himself as Phillip Jones and was supposedly a technician to assist with the problem. He advised me that my network had been hacked and that I needed to have them remove the issue and install some kind of firewall. Not being very computer savvy, I had let him into my computer and he showed me multiple IP addresses that he said had hacked into my computer. He also showed me multiple "stopped" programs which he said would only be able to work again if I paid them to fix my problem. I had to pay either a one time 499.99 year fee or 1999.99 for lifetime. I said it was too much and asked if he could just put the Office on my computer. He said he could but that I still needed to have him remove the issue from my computer. He then offered half price for the lifetime if I was over a certain age (I should have known better because he never asked for any verification, etc.). I still said no and that I was having difficulty understanding him. He put someone else on the phone who offered 799.99 to remove the issue, for lifetime webroot antivirus, and lifetime yearly updates of Office. Believing I was hacked, I agreed and shortly after they were done, my computer crashed.(It was brand new-3 weeks old). I called the number I had been given and the male who answered was extremely rude. He was unable to give me my customer ID number which I had been told by Phillip to ask for if I ever called. He kept asking who I was and would not answer my questions. I asked for their website address and was given six different variations of PCExpert247. I immediately looked up the site (on my phone because my computer crashed) and SCAM popped up all over. Upon doing more research, I realized this company has nothing to do with Microsoft and was a complete fraud and notified my bank immediately. ALSO, when initially speaking to Phillip, he advised the company never calls its customers. On 2/20/19, a female with a heavy accent from this company called and was hung up on. Immediately afterwards, "Phillip" called from a different number. (Both numbers came up as Wilmington, DE.) I again received a call on 2/28/19 on both my home phone and cell phone from an "Eric" from this company, but did not answer. He left a message stating he was from billing and wanted to know how my service was. At the time, I clearly did not recognize what a fraud/scam this company was. However, thinking back there were red flags I wish I had noticed. It is embarrassing to know this happened, but I want everyone to please be aware of this company and their fraudulent practices.

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By Ronald

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