PayPal Money Adder v2.8 Review


Paypal Money Adder The scam is these guys promises you a software that can generate money into your paypal account after you buy their software from their website or through there means through their email. After you purchase software $120, $150 or $300 they than have you pay for a password to extract their software. the password itself cost $150 than after that they have you pay for a serial number which cost $250. than after that you have to pay for a bitcoin popup and that cost $760. they discounted for me for $500 after that you have to pay for some update which is $200 after that you pay for these dll files that don’t exist which is $150. than after that you pay another $150 for their supposed support which don’t exist either and than they lie and tell you you need to pay for transfer fees on PayPal if that is your choice of payment to their accounts. after that I never received the support they promised nor heard a legitimate answer ever again from them. I emailed them from other addresses I had. they responded to those other emails fast thinking I was someone else they were gonna scam.

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By Ronald

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