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Complaint: A sales rep. came to my house to get me to use their credit card company. She made promises that her or the company could not keep. I was told it would be $500.00 for the machine and 0% debit, 0% normal Visa. The $500 was to be written off as a bonus so it would not cost me any money. It was to be written off the first month $200.00, the second month $ 200.00 and the third month $100.00 taken out of my credit cards. Spoke to sales rep and supervisor and information was being recorded. I asked everything that the sales rep told me and she agreed abot the write off bonus for the machine and the percent of fees. Next day I called to cancel my old credit card company and was told that the $500.00 was just for the machine and another $2000.00 to get out of the contract. Sales rep told me from begining that all contracts could be broken. When I found out about the $2000.00 I called the sales rep and told her what was said. She had suppose to be her supervisor call me who said she was only told about the $500.00 to cancel everything and the company didn’t have the money to pay the $2000.00. They were charging me more on credits and charging me for debits which was not suppose to be. I call at less 8 times to speak to a supervisor and each time I got a name from the person, wrote down the time and the date. Was told the supervisor was in a meeting each time. I had the credit card machine for 4 days of use then when I was told they could not affort the extra $2000.00 .Was told to use it and in 3 months they would find someone to by out my lease. Why wait 3 months. After reading about this company on the computor the reason is if I used it for 3 months then I was stuck in the agreement and if I didn’t use it for 3 months the leasing company would charge payment systems corp the money. The put my name on paperwork I didn’t put, put me as 100% owner and I told sales rep that both my husband and I owned it and also put my private cell phone number on the print out reciepts at the business so now I have people calling me on my personal cell phone. After 2 weeks I finally received my contract in the mail, which was not left with me. The rep sent 13 pages from my fax and only received 6 in the mail. These people are ripping of companies not only in my state but have been banned from seven ther states. I already got in touch with FTc, Attorney General,your company, criminal court , the police dept. and hired a attorney. I know after reading the other reviews someone will say to call them to talk this out but will blame me for not reading the contract. Come forward with the recording take was used . I just would like everyone to be aware of this company, the promised they made me and told advange of other people like me. I have also hired a laywer and if they try to sue me I will counter sue them. Also I was on medicine at the time of paperwork being signed. I had just taken a pain pill for my fibromyalgia, was on meds for having pneumonia and asthma, my thyroids . My husband signed none of the papers and he is 50% owner. This was also told to the rep. So now I have my personal cell out to the public and a company. This rep was told in advance I was sick and still let me sign papers on meds. I was also on two different inhalators and using the breathing machine which rep was aware of. She also put my name on the contract in her hand writing that I didn’t due. I was told the contract would be faxed over and emailed over. Never did I get a call from the supervisor after I told her about the $2000.00 the other company wanted. Beware they will lie and cheat to get you hooked into there company. It’s really funny that supervisors are always in a meeting except when they want something. I did speak to a person and could here a man in the background saying she can’t get out because she signed the contract. This is true I signed it on medicince, was told lies and could get a copy of my contract whis was suppose to be left with me. These people should be embrassed taking money for business owners . Someone needs to pose for a job and see what they are telling their sales reps. They don’t tell them everything and not all of they relize they are taking peoples more. We need to stop them now before other people get hurt with this company. And let me guess someone it going to say to call them to talk about this when they didn’t have time to talk when they were trying to be reached about all of this.

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