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Went on my normal console run to buy the broken consoles as I do every week or other week. They had 3 consoles in which were broken because they dropped them (I know this because the store on 10 mile told me.) They had 2 marked for 15 and one marked for 20! Exact same consoles just different colors. They claimed it was an xbox 360 elite and that is why they were charging 20. I go in there are all the time and buy their broken consoles. I offered a fair price 15 for each console. They shot it down and began to get rude. I then offered to pay the marked price if they included the things listed on the tag. They refused.. And had the manager had the nerve to tell me “I’ve worked here for 6 years and have never seen you”. Interesting since I am there every week or so buying consoles. So I left. Do not go here if you are trying to get a quality product. They drop and abuse their stuff and sell it for the same price half the time the stores have it brand new! I will continue to share my horrible experiences with this company! After posting my experience on their facebook page they seemed to be legitimate they wanted to figure out the issue, but shortly after speaking with a manager they decided to change their minds. | I have now included pictures so others can see their lack of ownership and how they try to act like they know more then the customer to sell above fair value…. Sounds like I may be needing to take this to the FTC and Attourney General! to show they are commiting consumer fraud!


  • Name: Pawn 1
  • Country: United States
  • State: Idaho
  • City: Caldwell
  • Address: 5724 Cleveland Blvd
  • Phone: 208-795-5255
  • Website:

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