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I hired them to re-surface my stamped patio of 690 sq feet and paid them $2,200. Came out and painted it, I had to pay for the paint,painter tape sponge, scraper & I provided my pole and roller for them to do it, another $140. 2 days ater the paint was peeling and the cement was coming up to the point you could see the origional surface. I called them and had to wait a couple of weeks as he was on a cruise. They re-did the cement re-surfacing and a couple days later I noticed bubling and air-pockets, I called him and he was on another cruise and I have to wait 2 weeks for him to come inspect. It has been 2 weeks and I am still waiting. The worker used my patio chair to mix cement on and it is ruined with cement splatters as well as the bricks outsid the door. | Looks like I am going to have to retract my recommendation. A day after they painted it the paint was peeling up all over. Then I noticed areas where the cement was coming up to the point that you can see the original floor that they resurfaced over. They came out a month later and resurfaced again. A few days later I saw a large bump in the cement, it was an air-pocket so I inspected further and found several air-pockets. I called him and he was out of town for 2 weeks. This job has been going on since September and still is not right. This seems to be a one man company, the owner. The phone # on the website is his cell. He comes to the house, leaves a worker to do the job. I gave him $2,200 for the resurfacing, then when he painted it I had to pay for the paint, & tools to do it. I totally regret this whole project!!! | I am so frustrated, my house has been a construction zone for months now! I totally regret taking on this project and feel extreemly victimize.


  • Name: Pavao Construction
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Hialeah
  • Address: 19129 NW 80th Ct
  • Phone: 561-305-6611
  • Website:

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