Pausa Finance Ltd. Review


I applied for a job on indeed with this "company." They replied back saying that my resume proves for a better paid position.. so I went with it and filled out the application. They said that there would be a probationary period during which I would be working from home to prove I was cut out for the job in lieu of a formal interview so it was already sounding suspicious given that they said they would pay me via e-transfer and I hadn’t filled out any Tax Forms like for other jobs. I decided to investigate their website only to find it was not secured or verified like other sites are and had no "https" address. I then investigated the alleged HR Assistant (Michelle Tonna)and Development manager (Oliver Pasani) on linkedin. Neither of them had a profile picture or any other connections apart from eachother. I then came across a story on a scam warning blog from an individual with a story nearly identical to mine. I also checked the address they provided on their website for their headquarters which yielded conflicting results. I have cut off contact since then and will not be contacting them again.

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By Ronald

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