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Warning to anyone who comes in contact with Paul Liguori from Jacksonville, Florida.I was a victim of a Craigslist rental scam and felony theft on April 12, 2017. | Paul rented me a room at Jacksonville, Florida 32225 for $350.00. He told me he and his father own the house. When I came back having front door keys made, Paul was gone and I met a man in the driveway named Evans who asked me who I was and told him I was the new tenant. He had no idea I was moving in and was unhappy and rude about it. | I called Paul and said, I had words with a tenant you never told me about and you miss lead me how many people were living here and I wanted my money back and leave peacefully. He told me he would give me my money back noon the next day. I text him and said I will go meet him somewhere and go to the ATM machine. He ignored my calls and text then later sent nasty messages I disrespected him. | I spoke to Evans asking what is going around here? He told me Paul’s father did not own the house and we are getting evicted. The next day I showed up and walked into the house finding a man name Victor moving into my room. I told him Paul ripped me off and showed him my text messages. | Victor said, when he paid Paul cash, he ran up stairs saying he was in a hurry and had do some laundry. I said, there is a washer and dryer upstairs. I used it last night. I told him the owner is kicking everyone out of the house. | He realized too he was scammed and robbed. We found in the kitchen an assault and battery police report from the owner Mylene Mathews, past due bills and and an eviction notice from March 9th from Mylene Mathews. We called and text Paul and our calls were blocked. We saw Paul’s bedroom door was kicked in and trashed thinking must be a heroine addict with the syringe on the bed. | We spoke to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office and told it was civil matter. Paul Liguori also has a business under the Name Paul Liguori LLC. | A small company in the flooring and floor covering contractors industry in Jacksonville, FL claiming $68,000 in revenue at an old address with a disconnected phone number.Photos are to show documentation and his Identity.


  • Name: Paul Vincent Liguori
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Address: 952 Collinswood DR W
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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