Paul Pazzaglini Florida


Complaint: Called us from Costa Rica asking for money telling us his wife had cancelled his credit cards.. He had traveled there to an area known to be a popular destination for single men, and planned on being there over Thanksgiving… explaining why his wife was livid….. leaving her and his daughter in NC with his sister… He hinted at $2000, claiming he could easily pay it back when he got home, he just needed to get back to NC. We sent him $50, feeling we may never see it again… We were dead right. He called us numerous times before he got home for more money, but we refused feeling he needed to figure it out…Once home, he stopped communication with us ( around end of November, 2018. ) we found out since he has a long history of fraud type crimes, which explained everything. Hopefully, he will go to prison for a long time… as he is a complete con artist.

Tags: Ripoff- Internet, Scammed & Ripped Off

Address: Waxshaw, North Carolina United States

Website: North Carolina


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By Ronald

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