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Since my husband and his HW ho like their picture taken so much as evidenced by all the mugshots they like to accumulate, thought I’d help y’all out with some free press and expose you both in the process. || My husband and I have been together over 4 years, through some of the worst couples and people in general can go through. He was there when I’ve gone thru health problems (3 types of cancer) and I was there for him while he was incarcerated. We weren’t perfect but I was happy to be with him, I loved him beyond measure and always felt he was my IT, the ONE for me. || Turns out I wasn’t the only ONE for him. He gets out of prison and starts a relationship with this trashy, manly looking bitch that lives 10 minutes away from me. All the while I had no idea, right under my nose, feeding me his lies and bullshit. Fast forward, he gets locked up and who does he call crying to? Me…guess what? My ass ain’t stupid to fall for that no more. He’s out again, probably with his nasty, druggie scumbag man face bitch. I won’t go into how bad you’ve hurt me Paul, in case you ever see this I don’t want you having that satisfaction but know this….I will be okay however things turn out and you will always be just plain MEAN and she’s ugly, gross and I heard she has sex with men off Craigslist…did ya know that? Enjoy x

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By Ronald

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