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Complaint: We recommend not doing business with Pats Liquor in Orlando. They are a liquor store in Orlando near UCF. Pats Liquor Orlando has unpaid money they owe us, and they do chargebacks against people they’ve known for years. We believe Pats Liquor takes advantage of people and will immediately try to scam you. This store and liquor license is owned by Meechal “Mitch”” Patel Father Kirti Patel

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Address: but Mitch runs the day to day. Mitch acting on behalf of Pats Liquor

Website: Mitch then decided he wanted a mobile phone view similar to and we explained this might be difficult. That site is a multi-million dollar company based in New York with a lot of money spent on their website. We explained that matching that mobile view would be difficult. Mitch Patel wrote back that he actually knows caskers web designers and that caskers is HIS biggest client – Here is the email correspondence to Mitch below

Phone: did what we believe to be a fraudulent chargeback and ruined our relationship with our merchant account. Why? In November

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