Patrisha Barnett – 18 years of marriage destroyed. Nevada


18 years of love and dedication destroyed by this little girl. She does not hold any right to call herself woman. She’s been doing my husband for months sending him home with marks on his back. I blindly thought were accidents. He taking everything from me I’m leaving with nothing but suitcases I don’t know how I’m going to survive. I feel worthless undesired and like I failed at the one thing I thought I was good at being a kind loving wife we didn’t fight just came out of nowhere and he’s being so cruel and cold. I read the messages between them going back months I saw her manipulations Fanning his ego talking disgusting about me cruelly about me. She has a boyfriend and even admitted to my husband asking why he would be with her because she’s cheated on other relationships unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about her boyfriend Steve through social media as she had me blocked well before I discovered everything. I am lost I’m extremely alone.

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By Ronald

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