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Booked a 2 Brm Manhatten apartment through Holiday Homes .org. nChose this one who the owner being Patrick Renne. I emailed him and we confirmed a booking for 8 nights starting tomorrow night. I paid him half rental and $500.00 bond/ deposit. The bank account he said was to his Accountant Laurie Splanski. This I did back in March. Closer to our departure date I contacted him re the balance. He said he had changed accountants & would let me know what account # to put it in within 48 Hours. This was 1 week before we were due to fly out. He then sent me through 2 bank accounts saying this must be done as USA requires money to go into 1 account and then they will transfer it to his account. The first ones name was a Tammy Fergusson. By this time I was feeling uneasy, but went to the bank. They said they could do it. I changed my mind, I was n’ t happy. I emailed Patrick and said too many banks and if something goes wrong then the expense is on me. He then sent me another bank account saying this one will be fine, under the name Amanda Pitcock. By now I am very concerned and decided to try Googling his name. “Alarm Bells”” Rip Off Fraudster Patrick Renne

it read like a book.I then got a phone call from him on the Monday asking if I was going to deposit the money that day. I explained I couldn’t

but hopefully Tuesday. I then emailed him saying I had been in a meeting all day

but if he really wanted the money before we arrived I had a friend who was over for the Tennis and he said he would happily meet Patrick at the apartment

also that our friend is thinking of spending a couple of nights with us and so would like to see through the place. No word since. What I cant understand is why with all these people reporting him he is still getting away with it. nI have written to the web site stating the situation and if they dont remove his advert then as far as I am concerned they are as fraudulent as he is and I willl report them. I await their response.”

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By Ronald

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