Patrick Ambron- Brand Yourself – Brand Yourself made to charge you more

As a business owner and a reputable man, I looked to Brand Yourself to manage my reputation online. I signed up for is headstart Program and Business strategizing. It was the premium version, and it was supposed to be the best that they had to offer. They had full access to my private domain and I also had access to the do it yourself part. I paid all the starting fees up front. | It seemed to be working for the first three months. My site was shy of negative activity and I had a good following among my sites. After the three month mark, however, things changed. They wanted to charge me $500 more dollars per month due to the change in software. This was something that happened often, so I knew they would raise their prices again. | I canceled my membership altogether. I was only willing to pay so much and there was no point if their prices kept rising. It is a company designed to do so, and the services are not worth the money.

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